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How Your Bathroom Contractor in Ottawa Can Maximize Space

One of the biggest considerations in a bathroom installation for an Ottawa home is space. A small bathroom might seem like an inconvenience without a solution. Modern bathroom design is changing the way rooms can be laid out for maximum use and storage. A professional bathroom contractor can help you find ways to transform your bathroom while making it feel bigger and more functional.

Fixtures that Save Space and Reduce Clutter

Wall-mounted sinks, toilets and vanities take fixtures off the floor leaving you additional space. Alternatively, a corner sink can free up some space. Instead of a tub, installing a compact shower can give you more space for cabinets and storage. Custom cabinets that fit the space in your bathroom offer more options than pre-designed storage units that you then have to build around. A professional bathroom contractor in Ottawa can help you find the best solutions.

Décor Elements that Make a Room Larger

Light colors make a space appear larger. Use a satin finish that reflects light to help the space seem bigger. A mirrored wall is another element that extends the room. Mirrors naturally reflect light, which also makes the lighting more effective. Glass shower doors stretch the space that is exposed to the eye, which also boosts the feel of a larger room.

Plan Your Bathroom Before the Renovation

Once you’ve decided on a bathroom renovation, you may want to get started right away. Plan to spend some time thinking about what you really want out of your new space before rushing into demolition. A well-thought out project will give you years of comfort, function and value by providing you with the storage and space you want. offers free quotes on bathroom installations. Contact us for more information about getting more space out of a small bathroom. We’re experts in finding solutions and offering options that will help you be more comfortable in your home.

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