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Checklist for a Successful Bathroom Installation in Ottawa

A bathroom renovation can go smoothly, but it doesn’t happen without forethought and planning. Whether you’re doing a complete bathroom installation in Ottawa or just installing a new shower, we’d like to offer a planning checklist to help you through your project.

Prioritize Your Wants and Needs

Start by gathering ideas for your new bathroom. Make one list of your wants and another list of your needs. This can help you focus on what is most important to you based on your budget and space. You should also think about the timeline for your bathroom renovation project. If the holidays are upcoming, you don’t want to have your home in a state of renovation when the family comes home. Determine your budget and agree on it with your bathroom contractor in Ottawa. Have a 10 to 15% cushion in case of emergencies.

Research Your Contractor

A professional bathroom contractor in Ottawa can keep your project within your budget and your timeline. You want to do some research to feel comfortable with your contractor. Our contractors start your project by working with your budget to find solutions for your needs. We focus on high-quality products that fit modern bathrooms with eco-friendly options and that are beautiful and easy maintenance.

Prepare Your Home

Talk to your contractor about preparing for the installation. Our contractors work hard to make sure that your bathroom renovation goes smoothly. Installers carefully plan and schedule your renovation to minimize your inconvenience. We carry a lot of equipment with us to save time if there is an unexpected problem.

Take your bathroom installation in Ottawa from a pipe dream to an updated, modern bathroom reality that will fit your family’s needs for years to come.

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