bathroom designs for elderly and handicapped

4 Essentials in Bathroom Designs for the Elderly and Handicapped

Aging in place is becoming more commonplace with people of all generations. When homeowners make renovations to their bathrooms, they remember to think long-term for a safe and well-designed bathroom that focuses on universal design, which is a concept that addresses accessibility and accommodations in buildings to make space usable for everyone. These ideas for bathroom designs for the elderly and handicapped make your home more accessible and gives you more options as you age.

Shower/Bathtub Accessibility

When upgrading your shower and bath, consider a walk-in tub or a low-barrier entry to the shower for wheelchairs. Faucets and fixtures need to be reachable by someone in a wheelchair, so mounting the showerhead lower can help. Don’t forget to think about faucets that are easier to turn on and off. Many seniors deal with arthritis, which can make using faucets more difficult to operate.  Lever handles don’t require a tight grip. You may also want to install a thermostatic valve that prevents scalding.

Change the Toilet Seat

A senior-friendly toilet is about 4 to 6 inches taller than a normal toilet seat, which allows people to use less effort to stand up. Adding safety bars or railings can also provide support and stability when standing and lowering. When designing the bathroom, remember to make sure there is room around the toilet for maneuverability.

Lighting and Switches

Increased lighting in the bathroom can be beneficial for people of all ages. You may want to install lighting at different heights that can be turned on or off as needed. Don’t put all your lighting on one switch. Make sure switches are reachable.

Non-Stick Flooring

Carpets and bath mats can help prevent slips, but also can move around and be difficult to clean. Look for a flooring that is safe for wheelchairs. Consider a heated floor to keep seniors more comfortable when they get out of the shower. You won’t lose heat through the ductwork, so you could save money on your utilities.

Work with Professional Design Experts

When you’re ready for a bathroom renovation that considers bathroom designs for the elderly and handicapped, the team is here to help. We specialize in universal design for accessibility and safety. Get a free quote on an upgrade in your bathroom for aging in place when you contact us.

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